Encourage kids' matching, categorization and vocabulary skills in this lively  bingo game.

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What's in the Box?

4 Reversible Party Scenes

4 Reversible Bingo Boards

24 Party Animal Guest Tokens

24 Party Supplies Tokens

How to Play

1. Pick your Dream Party Theme

2. Be the first to collect all your Party Animal Guests

3. OR all your Party Supplies


Party Time Bingo Fun Facts

The four party scenes take place in the same park during different seasons. Great opportunities for compare and contrast discussions when playing with kids!

Each player collects party items for their specific party theme. Loads of possibilities to introduce new vocabulary and descriptive skills.  

Party Time Bingo is based on images so players of any language can play!

The party animals in each scene are grouped according to where they appear in the Party Animals! book. The characters make the game a natural book extension for teachers and speech-language pathologists in educational settings. 

A kids party you can feel really good about.

“Studies that included children aged four to twelve strongly suggested board games were an effective tool to encourage active learning and the retention of knowledge. They also found that board games helped increase students’ motivation for learning and even lead to positive changes in behavior (Noda, Shirotsuki, and Nakao 2019)” 
O'Neill, Daniela & Holmes, Paige. (2022). The Power of Board Games for Multidomain Learning in Young Children 

The Vision

Hello! I'm Tali Kellerstein - mom, author, pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, and children's board game super fan. I set out to create a game simple enough for kids as young as 3, but so fun and enticing that older children and adults would love it too. 

The party theme was a given because, well: #1. Who doesn't love a party? And #2. It was a natural offshoot of my Party Animals! line of products (book, poster, cards).I learned a lot from publishing Party Animals! I found phenomenal creative talent in my illustrator, Elise Conlin, and graphic designer, Katrina Herrndorf of Red Fred Design. I secured a quality printer, and built a lovely customer base. BUT there were some obstacles. Most notably, for books and games to be affordable to customers, they need to be produced in large quantities. 

Enter Kickstarter . . .

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps creators like me find backers (supporters) who pre-purchase our products. It's an all-or-nothing endeavor. If we do not meet our goal, pledges are cancelled and backers do not lose funds. Pre-purchases help publish a larger volume that will allow me to introduce the game at a lower price to the customer.

Party Time Bingo's official Kickstarter Campaign will launch February 21, 2023. In the meantime, sign up below to be the first in the Party Time Bingo know. 

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What people are saying about other Speak Boutique products:

Tamsin Atherton

 S-LP, Owner & Founder of Chatterbox Speech

The exquisite rhymes and adorable pictures of Party Animals are an absolute delight. The Party Animals can't help but engage children of all ages as well as their parents, Speech-Language Pathologists, and teachers. "What's that sound?" Speech Sound Cards and "What's the Story?" Story Telling Cards pair nicely with the book and provide the opportunity for many extension activities for speech and language learning. It’s never difficult to convince the kids in Chatterbox to spend a bit more time with the Party Animals. I'm eager to sample more materials from Tali Kellerstein and her playful Party Animals.

Orly Azeroual


 I purchased the What’s that Sound card deck from the Speak Boutique and have now been using them for several months. I am a primary classroom Teacher for the TDSB with a Reading and Special Education background, I am a parent with a child who is Dyslexic. I am able to use this deck as a quick reference tool for me, as a learning manipulative for individual students, and within the classroom. This deck has a lot of versatility to help students, and myself, visually understand what emphasis and movements need to occur in the mouth to produce an accurate sound. This is so essential for developing readers as it allows a student to properly decode and “sound out” the makeup of a word. . This set is undoubtedly a very worthwhile investment!

Amanda  Frumkin

Speech-Language Pathologist

Party Animals! is a gift to SLPs and parents working with young children. The poems, charts, and illustrations are perfect to support articulation practice. I adore everything about this book. 

Roadtrip Raccoon