What makes a game?

What makes a game?

What makes a game?

Behind the scenes of even the simplest of games, there are a lot of moving parts!  From the creative to the logistical there are a multitude of elements to consider:

Creative: What's the game called? What do we write on the box? What do the illustrations need to include? How should the game be laid out?

Technical: What is the concept? How do you play? How many players? What ages is the game good for? What details need to be covered in the instructions? Which languages will the instructions be in? 

Logistical: Will this be a physical game or a virtual game. If physical: How big will the game be? Which parts need to be manufactured and printed? How long will it take to deliver? How much does it cost to produce? 

Follow along as we show how these evolved for our game. Although we've been working at the game for months, it is a process, and we are still at the beginning. 



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