Why Groups Rock!

Why Groups Rock!

Why Groups Rock!

As parents, you may be wondering whether there are any advantages to doing speech therapy in a group. Many S-LPs will answer with a resounding YES, and here's why:

1. The Magic Speech Therapy Room “The Magic Therapy Room” is a common phenomenon where children say their speech sounds perfectly the vast majority of time in the speech therapy session, but revert immediately to their previous production once outside the room or away from the therapist. Speech-Language Pathologists refer to this as “poor carryover”. Carryover is often the most difficult stage of therapy. Groups allow therapy sessions to occur in a more naturalistic way – with *real* kid to kid interactions, and thereby help combat the effect of “The Magic Therapy Room”.

2. No More Odd One Out I believe strongly in community. Be it for support, common interest or just fun, communities make life better! Groups help children see others who are in the same boat as they are, and invite them to be part of a special mini-community. This is particularly helpful for children who are getting bullied because of the way they speak.

3. Aerobics is more Fun in a Group. Speech is movement: movement of the tongue, movement of the jaw, movement of the lips, and movement of air through the throat, nose or mouth. A helpful way to learn new movements is through repetitive actions. But, let’s face it, repetitive actions can be bOOOrinng. Groups make repetitive actions happen with friends . . . when everybody does 5 more, 4 more 3 more, it’s just more FUN!

Other Advantages: 1. Stay in School! The After School time slots for the groups at the Speak Boutique means that children do not get pulled out of classes during the school day.

2. Lower Cost Group therapy sessions are offered at a significantly lower rate than one-on-one. Invoices that can be submitted to insurance agencies will be provide

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