Speech and Language Resources

Recommended Articles and Resources

Articles about Speech Sound Development

Developmental Functional Modules in Infant Vocalizations

Dr. R. Kent



Speech Sound Disorders in Children: An Articulatory Phonology Perspective

Dr. Namasivayam et al. 



Articles about Specific Speech Sounds

Tutorial: Motor-Based Treatment Strategies for /r/ Distortions                 

Dr. Preston et al. 


The Dorsal Differentiation of Velar From Alveolar Stops in Typically Developing Children and Children With Persistent Velar Fronting

Dr. Cleland et al. 


Articles about Childhood Apraxia of Speech

A Tool for Differential Diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Dysarthria in Children: A Tutorial


Dr. Iuzzini-Seigel et. al



Fact or fiction? “SLPs in Ontario can’t diagnose Childhood Apraxia of Speech”

Dr. E. Flagg



Articles about Speech Sound Disorders and Literacy

It Might Not Be “Just Artic”: The Case for the Single Sound Error

Dr. Kelly Farquharson


Exploring the Overlap Between Dyslexia and Speech Sound Production Deficits                                                   

Dr. K. Cabbage et al. 


Articles about The Principles of Motor Learning

Principles of Motor Learning in Treatment of Motor Speech Disorders

Dr. E. Maas et al. 


Articles about General Considerations for Intervention and Learning

The Power of Board Games for Multidomain Learning in Young Children

Dr. D. O'Neill and P. Holmes 


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