Party Time Bingo & Party Animals! Bundle (Pre-Order)

$52.00 USD

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Party Time Bingo is currently in production and the expected ship date for this special bundle is November 2023. 


Party Time Bingo is a fun, easy-to-learn-and-play party-themed children's bingo game that the whole family will enjoy! Players collect party supplies for their dream party theme - pirates, outer space, unicorns, or monsters.  Created by Tali Kellerstein - mom, pediatric speech therapist and kids board game super fan - Party Time Bingo was designed with connection, communication and imagination in mind.  


Party Time Bingo contains:

  • 4 reversible party scenes & 4 matching reversible bingo boards
  • 24-party supply tokens & 24 party animal tokens
  • 2 fabric token bags & game instructions


Gameplay is super easy!

1.  Players pick their party scene and its corresponding bingo board.

2. Decide whether you will play the scene side (supply tokens) or the invitation side (guest tokens).

3. Put the tokens in the corresponding bag, and take turns picking and matching the tokens to their parties/bingo board

4. When your bingo board is full - shout: PARTY TIME BINGO!     


Party Time Bingo makes learning fun! Kids can practice: 

  • matching skills 
  • categorization
  • new vocabulary
  • cooperative play
  • compare/contrast
  • description

And so much more! 


Party Animals! A Wild Collection of Speech Sound Poems is first and foremost fun to read! This read-aloud book of playfully illustrated poems features an energetic array of animals, each seizing the day with an adventure. Inspired by the author's experience as a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, Party Animals! A Wild Collection of Speech Sound Poems is a collection of 21 alliterative animal adventure poems. The poems are designed to highlight each speech sound through a LOT of repetition – the best way to learn! For children, Party Animals! A Wild Collection of Speech Sound Poems offers captivating characters, a multitude of settings, and a variety of mini-narratives. The animal characters were carefully chosen to be interesting enough for older children, but with words that are easy enough to be encouraging for children with emerging speech skills and/or speech sound production difficulties. The back of the book equips everyday readers with information about speech sounds, such as:

  • How the sounds are made
  • What ages we might expect kids to say specific sounds
  • Ideas to reinforce speech sounds
  • How to use the book to support language and literacy development

The book aims to make some Speech-Language Pathologist knowledge accessible to parents, grandparents, teachers, early childhood educators, daycare and nursery staff, librarians . . . whoever is reading to the kids we love!