ASHA 2023 is a Wrap!

ASHA 2023 is a Wrap!

ASHA 2023 is a Wrap!

We are back from ASHA 2023 in Boston, and this ASHA did not disappoint! Below are the Top Highlights of this year's convention. What a ride! 

HIGHLIGHT #1. ASHAing with my dad! 

It is not lost on me what a gift it is to have my dad - Arik Moshevich -  as my mentor, hero and cheerleader. He joked throughout the convention that he was there solely as a butler and to make sure I wore my jacket when I went out, but of course he is so much more. He is my strategic partner, advisor, motivator. He's my sounding board, the person who helps me stay on track, and  takes the risks I might otherwise shy away from. My dad understood my vision when years ago I first  introduced it, and is there for me for all the ups and downs as the vision unfolds and evolves.


Our field is FILLED with really good people, and I'm so always so excited when I get to see them in person. The incredible team at LessonPix are family for The Speak Boutique. I loved spending time with the team and exchanging ideas with Lori, Bill and Beth. (I also FINALLY got to meet Bill and Lori's newly-minted-SLP daughter Allie this ASHA). The Lessonpix Booth even had a Party Time Bingo bundle as party of their giveaways! I am so blessed to have these truly wonderful people as dear friends. 

Other incredible SLPs who I have partnered with in the past and who I got to see, talk to and give big so-great-to-see-you-hugs to were: Amy Graham of Graham Speech Therapy with whom I have collaborated on several IG videos, and who is an inspirational SLP and speaker. Rebecca Eisenberg whose podcast Language During Mealtimes was the first one I was on. Together, Rebecca and I run the facebook group SLP by Day, Author by Night which now has over 1000 SLP Authors and aspiring authors.  Anna Dalziel and Alonna Bondar who were featured in our Kickstarter campaign, and many many others including Apraxia research QUEEN Jenya Iuzzini-Seigel. 

HIGHLIGHT #3. Panelist for: Blazing New Trails - SLP Careers Beyond the Therapy Room

 The last 3 ASHA's have all had a major first for me. ASHA 2021 was my first presentation at ASHA (I Zoomed in and co-presented with Chris Bugaj and Beth Poss who were in person). ASHA 2022 was my first in person ASHA and The Speak Boutique's first booth. ASHA 2023, was my first time on a panel.  Our panel Blazing New Trails - SLP Careers Beyond the Therapy Room, was honoured as a Changemaker Session by ASHA, and panelists  included:  

Beth Poss, Chris Bugaj, Tonya Williams Walker and Ana-Maria Jaramillo

It was an honour and a joy participating on this panel! I was once on Chris' podcast Talking with Tech which he hosts with Rachel Madel. It was a pleasure to meet them both at ASHA!

HIGHLIGHT #4 - It was Dr. Kelly Farquharson's ASHA! 

Dr. Kelly Farquharson has been a champion for school based S-LPs for many years. I have learned a lot from her presentations on podcasts and her speech lab's social media @classlb_kelly.  In the context of The Speak Boutique, Dr. Farquharson holds a special place as she was one of the manuscript readers for Party Animals! and has since included the book in some of her presentations on speech sound disorders. This ASHA, Dr. Farquharson was Convention Co-Chair and received a well-deserved ASHA Fellow!



 I loved having the booth and living the dream this ASHA, but do admit to a bit of FOMO for missing presentations and shopping at booths. Might go next year as just an SLP so I can experience one convention that way! 

In the meantime very grateful for this incredible experience and opportunity. 

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends the US! Will maybe see you in Seattle next year!!


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