Ride #2 of the Kickstarter Rollercoaster!

Ride #2 of the Kickstarter Rollercoaster!

Ride #2 of the Kickstarter Rollercoaster!

While deep in Kickstarter preparations almost a year ago, someone on a podcast said that after you get off the emotional rollercoaster that is Kickstarter, there's a second roller coaster - the product fulfillment rollercoaster - that no one talks about. Every business is a rollercoaster, and this is no exceptions and is full of ups and downs - but thankfully mostly ups! 

Here are some of ours in the last few months! 

UP: Our Kickstarter funded - YAY!!! Most amazing up.

DOWN: Technical glitches within our pledge manager meant a much bumpier process than we had hoped for, 

UP: By far and away our customers were kind and understanding. 

UP: Our games arrived in AUGUST - months before we had initially projected. Woo hoo!!

DOWN: My family was abroad when the games arrived, and I could not be there to bring them in. 

UP: My dad and friend Irene saved the day and brought in the two huge skids of  newly arrived boxes!

delivery of party time bingo

UP: My son helped assemble the boxes, my daughter helped pack the boxes, and my husband kept me company buying packaging supplies and doing deliveries.

packing of party time bingo

UP: Almost all the Kickstarter packages have been delivered (if you are missing yours, please make sure you filled out the survey so that we have your address and arrange the shipping).

map for delivery route of party time bingo


UP: It has been the most fulfilling experience delivering these games and arriving at this part of the process.  I have gotten to reconnect and celebrate with friends and colleagues. 

3 happy customers with party time bingo

And cannot express the JOY of seeing Party Time Bingo played by kids and their grown ups!

kids playing party time bingo 

Releasing Party Time Bingo in the wild has been wild! Thank you so much to all who have been part of the Party Time Bingo Kickstarter roller coaster story!!!  

image of party time bingo testimonial anda Tokrud Frumkin Just wanted to tell you your game has been a major success with all my clients!!! Thank you for this gem of a game!!!! You and your ideas/materials are fun and keep my young clients engaged and having fun! 



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