Kickstarter Words!

Kickstarter Words!

Kickstarter Words!

If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it's a bit of a new world! To that end, I'm compiling a list of Kickstarter Words to help navigate and define terms used on the platform. Our last blog post spoke about the WHO of Kickstarter, and defined backers/pledgers and creators. This blog post will deal more with the WHAT of Kickstarter. 

Project We Love: This is the Kickstarter equivalent to "Staff Picks" at a bookstore. Projects We Love is a badge awarded to projects that Kickstarter's team is especially excited about. Projects We Love are not paid endorsements, and retain complete creative independence. We were honoured as Party Time Bingo received a Project We Love designation even before we launched our Kickstarter!!


image of Kickstarter projects we love badge



Goal: In Kickstarter, there are two types of goals: the all-or-nothing funding goal, and stretch goals - I will define the latter later in this post. A goal in Kickstarter is the amount that a creator sets to raise. The goal is set in the currency of the creator's home country. In the case of Party Time Bingo, the goal is in Canadian currency. If you are looking at the Party Time Bingo Kickstarter page from a different country, the goal will be shown in your local currency. The funding goal for Party Time Bingo is $8000.

Now, here's the key in Kickstarter: the funding goal is all-or-nothing. Backers choose an allotted campaign time (we chose 30 days for Party Time Bingo). Our campaign started February 21st and ends March 23rd. If we don't raise our $8000 goal by March 23rd, we do not get any of the funds and the campaign would be considered unfunded/unsuccessful. Eeek - no pressure, right? (Note that when a campaign does not fund, backers to do not lose any money as they are not charged for their pledges). There is a lot riding on this campaign for us!

Rewards: In Kickstarter, rewards are the items that backers receive for their pledges. Different pledge amounts are often referred to as "pledge levels". Our game currently has 4 pledge levels, each with it's own reward, + 1 Kickstarter default level (pledge without a reward).

 These are our pledge levels: 

Join the Party! Pledgers who choose this reward, pre-purchase their own copy of Party Time Bingo. Pledgers will save on the retail price, and get Party Time Bingo right out the gate!

This Party is Lit! is the bulk version of Join the Party!, and includes 8 complete games. This Party is Lit! is great for retail, schools,  larger clinics . . . or savvy parents stocking up on gifts for this year's birthday parties! 

 At the Get the Party Started! level, pledgers get the game Party Time Bingo AND the book Party Animals! which features the same characters. Backers of this reward will save on the retail prices of both items. 

 Party Animals in the House! is the bulk version of Get the Party Started!, and includes 8 games AND 8 books. Party Animals in the House is great for retail, schools, or larger clinics . . . and of course,  savvy parents stocking up on gifts for this year's birthday parties!

Party Time Bingo and Party Animals colourful game and book rewards image the speak boutique

Add-Ons: You know when you're in the grocery store, and you've bought everything on your list, there are still some fun little items near the check out. Add ons in Kickstarter are pretty much that. Kickstarter's official defintion reads:  Add-ons are optional rewards backers can choose to add to their pledges: accessories, game expansion packs, movie posters, copies of an earlier publication—any extra item that complements the primary reward without distracting from the core mission of the project.

In the case of Party Time Bingo, our add-ons are colouring pages - each in one of the four themes of the game's parities (unicorns, monsters, pirates or outer space). Backers can add any or all 4 party scenes as digital downloads when pledging! Colouring pages also underwent rigorous testing and were enthusiastically approved.  

Image of Add-Ons for Party Time Bingo

 Stretch Goals: Stretch Goals are free upgrades for everyone's games that get unlocked if we can hit certain funding levels. The stretch goals we are currently aiming at: 

  • 10K CAD - increase the size and improve the quality of the token bags
  • 15K  CAD -  add "party surprise" token and introduce a fun twist to the game
  • 20K CAD - add bling to the box - e.g. spot UV on the ribbon 
  • 25K CAD - add a components tray to the box

 Stretch Goals Image with icons of astronaut, monster balloon, unicorn and parrot


Please visit our Party Time Bingo Kickstarter page to see all these ideas in action, and get your very own copy of this fun new game!

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