Party Animals! won a PAL Award!

Party Animals! won a PAL Award!

Party Animals! won a PAL Award!

We are honoured that Party Animals! has joined prestigious toy manufacturers such as Ravensburger and Blue Orange Games in receiving a PAL award! 

"The PAL Award recognizes outstanding children’s products that by design, content, quality, and character, engender play that advances language and appeal to all children for lasting play value." 

Party Animals! has received a lifetime PAL Award Seal for its creative and fun approach to encouraging important language skills. CEO, Speech Language Pathologist, Writer, Reviewer, Toy Expert Erika Cardomone, MS, CCC-SLP writes:

"Party Animals is loaded with fun phrases of speech sounds in the order of their acquisition. It’s great for children and a fantastic parent, teacher and therapist resource about speech development.

Illustrations are whimsical and fun phrases are the perfect length for imitation of sounds for young children. 

This book is delightful on its own, as children try to match poetic phrases with the illustrations. It’s excellent for teaching literation and listening for phonemes that are the same. I enjoyed bringing it along to my own speech therapy sessions as my friends practiced their target words in phrases in so many different opportunities.

The back of the book includes a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, and therapists on age of speech sound acquisition and how sounds are made. Party Animals is a great addition to any bookshelf! " 

You can find the full review here or visit our store to get your own copy! 

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