Party Time Bingo is coming to Kickstarter!

Party Time Bingo is coming to Kickstarter!

Party Time Bingo is coming to Kickstarter!

Just over a year ago, I began to work towards a dream of creating a children's board game. After consulting with many in my circle and community (friends, family, S-LPs, teachers, tabletop game creators etc.) Party Time Bingo started to come to life.

Party Time Bingo is a fun easy-to-learn party-themed game for players 3 years and older. To play, simply pick your dream party theme (pirates, unicorns, monsters and outer space), and take turns matching all your party supplies or guests for Party Time Bingo! 

A multitude of children play tested the game, and Party Time Bingo met with resounding success. Kids love the game for its vibrancy and simplicity, and parents appreciate the opportunities for cooperative play and learning. 

children playing Party Time Bingo in the park

Creating a board game is a gargantuan task with many considerations including:

  • audience
  • mechanics
  • artwork/illustrations
  • graphic design
  • text and translation
  • packaging
  • printing and shipping

After LOTS of playtesting, we are at a happy place where the technical aspects of the games have largely been ironed out, and we are now figuring out when and how many to print.

children playing party time bingo at a party

Enter Kickstarter . . .

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps creators like me find backers (supporters) who pre-purchase our products. Think of it as a GoFundMe for products rather than causes. It's an all-or-nothing endeavor. If creators do not meet their funding goal, pledges are cancelled and backers do not lose funds. If a campaign meets its funding goal, then the creator knows how likely their product is to be successful/worth pursuing.

Party Time Bingo's Kickstarter Campaign is set to launch February 21st. Watch this space!  I will be posting updates here with more information about the game, and links to the Kickstarter page once its approved. Hope you will be part of bringing this dream to reality!

In the meantime, you here to learn more about Party Time Bingo, and mark your calendars: 

Party time Bingo Coming to Kickstarter February 21st 2023 




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