The Speak Boutique Party Time Bingo Board Game Making Timeline

Party Time Bingo: A Brief Timeline

Party Time Bingo: A Brief Timeline

Last fall I began to think about creating a board game for The Speak Boutique. In the winter, I took the plunge, and started mapping out the idea, coming up with names. Thanks to help from my followers on Instagram and those in Tali's Party Animals Community on Facebook,  Party Time won. From there, I had to pick some themes for the game. With more help from my friends,  we landed on: monsters, unicorns, rockets, and pirates. In February, Elise Conlin and I were busy discussing and drafting (well, Elise did all the drafting) illustrations. The illustrations evolved over several rounds, and they are STUNNING. I'm working on a blog with a detailed  walk through of the evolution of the illustrations. Sign up for this month's newsletter for links to that. 

April was all about the box - and Katrina Herrndorf of Red Fred Design is putting the finishing touches on a gorgeous package as I write!!  I'm now working on the instructions, and in May we will be printing prototypes and starting to test it out! Busy busy busy!!! 

 Thank you for being part of and following along this journey!



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