A boy and a girl enjoying a game of Party Time Bingo in a lush garden setting.

Party Time Bingo: A Brief Timeline (Part 2)

Party Time Bingo: A Brief Timeline (Part 2)

Last I posted a development timeline of Party Time Bingo, we were in the package design stage. Well the prototype has arrived and things are starting to feel REAL! While the graphic above gives a broad timeline, the truth is the making of a game is not that linear. For example, while package design came before prototype printing, now that the prototype is here - and we love it! - we have added some tweaks, and are collecting feedback. In other words, almost every dot on the timeline above is ever evolving. August for us is all about Game Testing. I've been having so much fun playing Party Time Bingo with my clients in therapy and amazing kids in our social circle. It's been a hit!

 A boy and a girl (ages 6 and 7) enjoying a game of Party Time Bingo in their garden.

We are all BEYOND excited for the Party Time Bingo Pre-Launch Event in less than two weeks on August. Kids will get to test out our game, and we can celebrate its pending arrival. A Boardgame Baby Shower of sorts.  If you are in Toronto, we hope you can make it. The party is August 13th 2022 from 10 AM to noon. We'll have cupcakes, prizes and of course some epic game of Party Time Bingo! The Real Estate Shop at 1033 College Street has generously lent us their space for the event. 

Announcement of Party Time Bingo Prelaunch Event: August 13 2022. The Real Estate Shop 1033 College Street West. Invitation illustarted with images from the game - monster balloon, pirate garland, rainbow cupcake and gift.

The next step on the timeline for Party Time Bingo is very different than my previous products. When I published Party Animals! (this month is the two year anniversary!) we went straight to print. The trouble with that model is that to make board games affordable to customers, they need to be produced in large quantities. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps creators like me find backers (supporters) who pre-purchase our products. It's an all-or-nothing endeavor. If we do not meet our goal, pledges are cancelled and backers do not lose funds. Pre-purchases help publish a larger volume that will allow me to introduce the game at a lower price to the customer.

Soooo  . . . want to learn more about Party Time Bingo? Check out our brand new Party Time Bingo page. Here we will be posting in depth descriptions of the game, videos and demos and will announce and link to the official Kickstarter in November.

Hope to see you soon!!!

 partytimebingo.ca image announcing Kickstarter countdown


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